2021 Winter Showcase Registration

If you do not see your child's class time, this class will not be performing. Please reach out to Miss Kellie if you have questions and/or want to enroll in a performing class.

Location: Brea

December 13 @ 5:30pm - Ages 7 and Up 

December 14 @ 5:30pm - Ages 3-4

December 15 @ 5:30pm - Ages 5-6

Some students may perform on

multiple days.

$20 Recital Sign-Up Fee

Costumes Range Between $50.00 -$85.00

TBD by Instructors

Recital Tickets Range Between $10.00 - $20.00

TBD by venue capacity restrictions

**Select Classes will NOT perform at recital.**

​Enroll by August 31st to participate. 

a confirmation email will be sent shortly with approved performance classes.

Please venmo recital sign-up fee to: Encoreelitedance

All recital fees and payments are non-refundable. Should our recital cancel due to COVID, credits will be applied for future tuition.

Encore Elite

Dance and cheer